Allenati con gli esercizi consigliati dalla Lega Svizzera per il cervello.


Trovare un sinonimo per le parole che utilizziamo più di frequente e’ una vera e propria sfida per il nostro cervello.
Sin dal mattino decidete che parola non utilizzerete per tutta la giornata, per esempio “ma”. Vi renderete conto che fare a meno per tutto il giorno di questa parola, utilizzando un sinonimo o una parafrasi, è tutt’ altro che facile.
Per rendere più difficile l'esercizio, potete decidere di fare a meno di più parole, oppure di una che usate più spesso, come la parola io.


Abbassate per 5 minuti il volume della radio o del televisore. Cercate di capire quanto viene detto e di ripeterlo con qualche secondo di ritardo (come fanno gli interpreti simultanei). Per rendere più difficile l ‘esercizio: estendete la durata dell’esercizio a 10-20 minuti.

Esercizi consigliati dalla Lega Svizzera per il cervello 🧠


Giardini della Flora
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Xperimentarium was born from the intention of learning while having fun and discovering endlessly by playing and exploring. Our didactic games, designed for brave and curious users aged 03 to 99, stimulate intuition, creativity, problem solving, new points of view and many emotions. Experimenting means challenging yourself, testing yourself, making mistakes, learn from mistakes and trying again, knowing a little more about yourself and your resources, experiencing something, using your immagination and feeling emotions.
StuzzicaMente, Illuvision, Tunnel of senses and lots of educational and fun experiments await you.
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Plus 21

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Believing in this new journey was like climbing the promontory of our past, breathing deeply the energy of our present and diving into the charm of a future, which we build day after day with individuals, organizations, teams and resources willing to experience the diversity, as a mystery to be crossed in order to evolve. Sitting on the terrace of the Santonastaso house on an appreciated warm sunny morning, we allowed our minds to wander in search of the name that would ignite emotions and hopes. Thus, between silences and glances, Plus21 srl was born, which in front of the smoky aroma of a coffee evokes the image of the 21 grams of a soul that releases its potential and adds it to everyday life, drawing its essence, its path and the footprint on this side of the Universe. Our best version is constantly evolving, because our goal is to grow with our customers, our partners, the people we meet every day and give us a different point of view, a difficulty, which increases in us the motivation for the right. breakthrough.

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